Audience Submissions

Some of our best ideas for TABLE ONE episodes have come from YOU, our audience. So if you have an idea for a TABLE ONE set-up or an actual script, submit it to us. You may also request specific actors to play the roles. If your idea or script is selected, you’ll receive producing and creative credits. You will also be eligible for our Audience Awards at the end of the year. To say the least, this is a tremendous opportunity for you to get your creative ideas and writing out there as TABLE ONE is viewed by thousands of people every week!

To submit a scripted episode just enter your name, email and attach your document below. To submit an unscripted idea, all you have to do is type your set-up in the text box and send it off.

Some guidelines to consider when submitting your idea:

1) All audience submitted TABLE ONE episodes will be part of a year-end contest (for both scripted and unscripted) where we’ll announce the winners based on views and ratings.

2) A typical TABLE ONE episode is between 3 and 6 minutes long. Please keep this in mind when submitting your script.

3) and Jarrett Productions will own the video, as well as all rights to it; however, you will receive a writing credit or a story credit. Please click here to read the Attribution License under which we operate.

4) There is no limit to the number of ideas or scripts you can submit.

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Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pages,pdf,txt,rtf.
Maximum file size: 5mb.

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